Audience Song Showcase is here!

30 September, 2020

A showcase of talent from around Aotearoa!

Featuring new music from: Grace Duncan, Isla Music, Odds & Ends, Rewind Fields, Brayden Jeffrey, Leea Lamatoa, Eli Moore, Em Joy and Steve Tofa.

The Premiere of our Audience Song Showcase can be viewed here or from our YouTube. Join us to celebrate stories of hope and recovery, and their transformation to song.

Join us on our YouTube channel to comment and have a conversation with us!

Thank you to all the amazing storytellers and songwriters that took part in this project.

Make sure you check out all the Audience Song stories and songs here, after the showcase!

Audience Song was created to support the connection of songwriters and their community, with the possibility of COVID restrictions in place.

The inability to meet in person means that the songwriting collective worked together entirely online and the songs were recorded using the resources available to each songwriter. E individual music video takes on the songwriter’s own creative vision – recorded over just one weekend from their home base around Aotearoa.
Read more stories and hear the mini songs over on our Audience Song ‘Stories’ blog

Audience Song is a collective of songwriters who compose songs inspired by stories that speak of overcoming the challenges and adversities in our fast-changing world.

AUDIENCE SONG is a project by Song Conversations

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