06 September, 2020

She is now gone

Back to the Netherlands. The complete and literal other side of this world. And I’m left wondering what could’ve been. What I wish my life could grow to. Fulfill a life with her nestled in. She’s studying business to join an organisation like UNICEF or WWF to help those who cannot protect themselves. And I’m here selfishly trying to make money to build a nest to invite someone in. Someone who most likely will not be her. As selfless as her.

Songwriters Lee and Bray offer Daniel, the storyteller a mini-song during the Audience Song project

She was this gift so wholly in tune with nature I couldn’t believe it.

In the months leading up to lockdown, I began communicating with a girl from the Netherlands named Dani. She came to NZ on a go fund me mission to raise money and gift it to different charitable organisations on her trip throughout NZ, while on holiday. She gave half her money to a bird sanctuary down south! Was intending to give the rest to someplace in the North Island when corona struck and level 4 was impending. Without a place to harbour or anywhere in the North Island, near Auckland Airport, to stay I offered a couch. A couch to stay where it all started.

As soon as she arrived my world ignited.

A person so wholly empathetic, poetic, relatable, and magical. I couldn’t help but fall in love with this person, who matched my every output and input to this universe. We wrote poetry together, exercised together, made love (proper, unrealized before in my life, love), and shared our ideas and music. We were each other’s muse. Until the day arrived where her repatriation flight arrived. She was taken. And I was left as I am now.

Daniel Richardson

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  1. Amazing to hear a story like this which has been sparked by ‘lockdown’ – it sounds more like an unlocking – a very intense experience with an equally sudden ending. Thank you Daniel for sharing.

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