14 September, 2020

Excited first-time mummy

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We found out at 20 weeks our little boy had a cleft lip and palate and some other abnormal findings on his scan. My husband and I were heartbroken and terrified. It was our biggest journey we had faced.

Our perfect bubble was popped when the midwife told us

We cried not because your smile would be different, but because the doctors told us that something worse could be going on. We were sent from one hospital to another and scan after scan. We were then told not only did you have a cleft lip and palate, you had something wrong with your lung, and that this could affect your heart.

We were told that you might not make it or your life expectancy might be short

Scan after scan our boy proved them wrong, your lungs grew strong and so did you. We named you Finlay before you were born because you were and are our little warrior and proved everyone wrong. Today Finlay is 3, he has had two smiles that we have loved and kissed, his cleft smile was repaired at 5 weeks of age and we soon fell in love with his second and new forever smile. Finlay has other medical conditions but he is thriving, kind, loving and our light. – Anonymous


Songwriter Em Joy was touched by the story of a baby born with medical conditions. She writes a sweet short chorus to a warrior with two smiles.”I generally start with a groove and see what words flow once I’ve focused myself on the thread of the song I’m working on. This little snippet is inspired by the most incredible story of a small baby boy fighting like a warrior against all the odds.” Em Joy

Audience Song is a collective of songwriters who compose songs inspired by stories that speak of overcoming the challenges and adversities in our fast-changing world.


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