Wicked Ways – an Audience Song by Steve Tofa

30 September, 2020

The Song – Wicked Ways

All the names you called me,
All the wicked ways, you brought me to my knees
You left scarring and bruises,
And you took the life, the life out of me.

My tears flowed, my heart hurt,
You took me to a deep dark place, a deep dark place

I was young when I fell for you (falling)
You watched my world fall apart, you left me no room to breathe
I never questioned your love
Your words, your eyes, I was young and believed ( I was young and believed )

My tears flowed, my heart hurt,
like broken things that can’t be replaced (that can’t be replaced)

My whakapapa grounds me
My whanau, my tupuna, protects my soul (mind, body, heart, and soul)
They keep me breathing, they keep my heart beating
My light will shine!

Though my tears flowed, my heart once hurt
I am part of a loving family, a child of this land
And despite, everything that you put me through
I choose love and forgiveness, even for you – even for you

The Story – Bullied, overcome and overcoming this

I felt torn, hurt, upset, and like I didn’t want to be on earth anymore.

Your name-calling and wicked ways once brought me to my knees,
You left scaring and bruises and took the life out of me.
My tears flowed, my heart hurt, you took me to a deep dark place,
Where my surrounds were falling down and I didn’t want to breathe, you trapped me in your space…………. and thought it was okay.

I am me, a young girl with a loving heart

You used that to your advantage and tried to make me fall apart,
by sending me into darkness.
but here’s where your party would stop, I departed.

My wounds are healing, I’m escaping the torment, you left within me,
My whakapapa grounds me and flows through me freely.
I’m calling them in, in within, from a sacred place of my being, HAERE MAI! I call you in!

My whanau, my tupuna at the helm, to protect my mind, body, heart and soul

keep me breathing,
my heart beating.
My light shining
I call you in, can you hear me?! I need you to spare me.

You can call me names and play your games
And I’d still accept YOU,
for I have been taught, to have no doubt, within myself.
Instead I’ll be kind and caring to you.

If my voice could be heard (KARANGA MAI)

I’d share it for fellow rangatahi,
Turn the pain into gain, so no more lives are shaken and taken.
We are children of the land, who need a helping hand.
So hold your hand out, build us up and help us fulfill our kete.

Aliyah Connelly-Richards

Audience Song is a collective of songwriters who compose songs inspired by stories that speak of overcoming the challenges and adversities in our fast-changing world.

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