12 September, 2020

I was due with our second child at the end of May

My first experience with my son was beautiful although I was terrified of birth. My pregnancy started off normal and all was good. Until COVID hit and turned everyone’s lives upside down. What is supposed to be a joyful and exciting time turned into constantly checking the COVID numbers in our area and wondering how everything might affect our daughter’s birth.

With everything going on and my own desire to birth in a safe and peaceful place – we chose a home birth. Masks – is the one word I would use to describe the majority of my pregnancy journey. Everywhere I looked there were masks. At the store, at my midwife, even going for walks with my family.

This time became riddled with fear and anxiety

Fast forward to the middle of May, our baby girl was ready. May 21st – in the quiet of our home surrounded by my midwives and husband, a beautiful healthy baby girl was born. And as soon as she arrived and I looked into her face, I saw the face of courage in the midst of the unknown. And it gave me the strength to know that during the unrest and unease of this time, our courage will carry us through.

Her name is Violet Eloise.
This week, the songwriters have been honouring some of the stories that were shared with us. Songwriter Grace Duncan offers a glimpse into her world of creating a mini-song for Voilet Eloise who entered the world during COVID-19 as part of the Audience Song project.

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